Ann Ferrar

Biographer of Bessie Stringfield and Author of Hear Me Roar

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A critically acclaimed book of narrative non-fiction..

"A woman's symphony on the road."

New York Times

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Ann Ferrar is the author of Hear Me Roar, Women, Motorcycles and the Rapture of the Road, the seminal work on American women bikers. Ferrar is the only known author to have recorded an oral history of the late African American motorcycling pioneer Bessie Stringfield, who was her friend and confidante. The first edition was published in 1996 by Crown and reissued later due to popular demand.

Please click on book title at right for summary and photo gallery. Also click on "Further Reading" for more of Ferrar's biographical writing on Stringfield for the American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Fame website.

Today, nearly a quarter century after Bessie passed away, this outstanding woman continues to inspire thousands -- or is it millions -- of people, thanks to this adapted bio from Hear Me Roar that wound its way around the Internet and eventually onto social media. But the oft-repeated sound bites on the web do not reveal the whole story, or even necessarily the true story. How could they? Bessie's fans not know the whole story.

And so, with the passage of time and growth into maturity, Ann Ferrar, at long last, is writing her personal memoir of her time and intimate talks with Bessie Stringfield. The African American elder impacted the life and thought processes of the younger white woman in areas of race, gender, religion, independence, solitude in growing older and more. It is a story only Ferrar can tell.

Stay tuned.

The author as she appeared in the early 1990s during the research and writing of Hear Me Roar. Ferrar often called Bessie Stringfield from the road to seek the elder's advice. Bessie had always relied on The Man Upstairs to keep her safe during her many long-distance travels. Ferrar relied more on Stringfield to do the same!